vending-machineChanging lifestyles, eating and drinking habits are responsible for making this machine business very popular. With so many upcoming call centers and corporate offices working round the clock, machine sales have increased rapidly. More and more of the employees working in such offices are depending upon these machines for small things be it cigarettes, newspapers, snacks, cold drinks etc.

Increase in incomes has increased consumerism. This is a new industry in India, which is still untapped. As a business, this is a fairly good option. Most of the components required to assemble a vending service are available in India. Therefore, these machine sales is a good business option. Most of the stuff are owned by the vending operators .

They are also available on rent. The monthly rent is paid to the owner who provides not only the machine but also vending services such as maintenance etc. After that, generally the these operators decide on the products to be sold through the machine.

In India, the business of vending machines has not picked up yet. A major reason seems to be the non-availability of machines suitable to Indian conditions. Currency recognition is as much an issue as is the Indian weather. Heat and dust cause the machines to break down very often. Vandalism is another issue. One major issue that has come in the way of the popularity of vending machines is the availability of cheap labour.

One good thing about this machine business is the low startup costs. In India, the startup cost is as low as Rs.10, 000/-. This should boost up the vending sales .

Ever wondered about how vending services really operate? A these machine operator , sometimes also called the vending machine provider, provides machine to different institutions. These institutions can include schools, offices, factories, metros, railway stations etc. The important thing about these is their location. The location should be a busy place where there are a large number of employees, students or people passing by.

These machine operators then provide different types of machines which include snacks, cold drinks, coffee etc. This depends on a number of factors which are taken into account before vending machine sales to the companies and their placement is planned accordingly.